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an agreement between two groups who have different opinions on a subject, or the process of reaching an agreement like this:
As a host, what vì you consider to lớn be a reasonable accommodation for someone with a medically restricted diet?
My children had no recognized disability so I did not qualify for any accommodation with regard khổng lồ work hours.

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the process in which someone changes their accent (= the way that people who come from a particular area, social group, etc. Pronounce words) or other things about the way that they speak according to lớn the speech style or behaviour of the person who they are speaking to:
When two people from different social backgrounds meet, there is often a tendency for their ways of speaking khổng lồ alter so that they become more alike, a process known as accommodation.
Speech accommodation theory holds that communicators are motivated to adjust aspects of their speech styles as a way of expressing attitudes & intentions.
a process in which a speech sound is changed according to the sound that comes directly before or after it:
One of the most common forms of accommodation is that consonants tend to lớn be labialized when followed by a rounded vowel, as in cool or rude.

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come to/find/reach an accommodation I thought we could come lớn an accommodation about what is a reasonable use of the site, but all we heard was "No, I don"t negotiate".
a loan that is made temporarily khổng lồ someone who needs money quickly, in order to give them time lớn make a formal arrangement for a loan
Different perceptions of land claims and differing patterns of land use prevented the possibility of mutual accommodation.
A service provider might well have organised the information by provider, & judged residential care establishments as inappropriate to an accommodation guide.