Different Ways To Add Games To Geforce Experience


Do you want khổng lồ add games to GeForce Experience on Windows 10? The platkhung Windows 10 is most popular for gaming. In fact, due to lớn hardware found on Macs, and the limited support for some games have for Windows 10, Linux becomes the default operating system to use if your game isn’t or often interested while using the console.

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The operating system has its own gaming optimization feature but the manufacturers of GPU also try to improve sầu gaming through software.

What Is Nvidia GeForce Experience?

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a blessing for the people who love gaming on graphic cards introduced by NVIDIA. Nvidia provides a tool known as GeForce Experience. This tool seems to optimize the setting of games so that they run better on Windows 10. Also, the tool is best for games that are installed and then optimize automatically when they’re played.

In short, Nvidia GeForce Experience is a free-of-cost tool that you can install or download if you have sầu an Nvidia GPU. After you installed, it will scan for supported or compatible games, and then it adds them to the các mục of games to optimize. If it can’t find a game, you can then add it manually.

How To Add Games To GeForce Experience:


If you want khổng lồ manually add a game khổng lồ GeForce Experience, you want to tell the app where to lớn look for the game.

Step 1:

Head over lớn the GeForce Experience.

Step 2:

Then tap the more options (three dots) button located at the top right.

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Step 3:

From the thực đơn, choose the Optimize all games.

Step 4:

Tap the cogwheel button located at the top.

Step 5:

Choose the Games tab from the left column.

Step 6:

At the bottom of the Scan Location box, simply tap Add.

Step 7:

Choose the thư mục that a game is installed in.

Step 8:

Now tap ‘Scan Now’.

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Step 9:

Enable the scan khổng lồ end và head over khổng lồ the Home tab. Your game will display up there.


GeForce Experience can improve sầu your experience in gaming. Some users find it helpful even if it doesn’t help them get a high FPS. It can’t work well for unsupported games but that is an exceptional case. If you are facing any issue then let us know. If you think that it is helpful then vày let us know your suggestions in the phản hồi section below. Do you know any other alternative method that you think we can’t cover in this guide?