Áo Real Madrid Dream League Soccer


Addidas dream league soccer kits Real Madrid 2022-23 are here and you can get them easily by using the download link shared on this page.

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A couple of days ago Addidas the official kit manufacturer of Real Madrid released the new uniform for the LaLiga season 2022-23. The players will debut this kit very soon in a friendly match. The basic màu sắc of the trang chủ kit remains unchanged with the introduction of purple trims. We will share the Real Madrid DLS 22 kits version of the team’s home, away, and third uniform. Don’t forget lớn like, share, & post a phản hồi on this post to tư vấn and encourage us khổng lồ bring you new dream league soccer kits và logos.

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Real Madrid 2022-23 Dream League Soccer Kits

Below you will find the download 512×512 kit URLs for dream league soccer 2022. If you are also a tín đồ of Real Madrid, you can get these kits by copying & pasting the liên kết in the game.

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Real Madrid trang chủ Kit 2022-23

URL: https://i.imgur.com/9sCJuTx.png


For the 2022 trang chủ shirt, Adidas opted for white, black, và purple accents. Sponsored logos on the t-shirt are in black, and the three stripes on the shoulder are in ‘Light Purple’. The Real Madrid 22-23 trang chủ kit comes with a buttoned collar. A few subtle Real Madrid crests are embossed into the fabric. Lớn complete a classy look, the classic Polo collar of the Real Madrid 2022-2023 trang chủ jersey features trim in purple & black. Real Madrid had a purple away kit in the 2016-17 season, while the purple accent màu sắc was regularly used for their trang chủ shirts in the 80s và 90s. The shorts và socks are white/purple, perfectly rounding off the look.

The Adidas Real Madrid 2022 away shirt is purple. It is the same “Light Purple”, which is featured on the 22-23 trang chủ kit. A subtle geometric print, which consists of diagonal tiles, appears on the front and sleeves of the Real Madrid 2022-2023 away shirt. Adidas combines the light main màu sắc of the Real Madrid 22-23 away jersey with “Night Navy”, a very dark navy.

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For the Real Madrid fans, we have designed both trang chủ and away kits in dream league soccer’s latest format. You can phối the new uniform as your default kit by using the given links. For more updates on dream league soccer 2022 kits keep following pntechcons.com.vn.