Attack on titan season 4 part 3 announced for 2023 release



Yes, there’s an Attaông chồng on Titung Final Season Part 3 on the way. At this rate, the show might never over. But it’s good news for those searching for an episode 88 release date, especially after fans perhaps expected the show lớn kết thúc with Part 2.

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Below, we’ll run through everything we know so far about 2023’s Attaông xã on Tirã Final Season Part 3, otherwise known as Attaông xã on Titan season 4, part 3 and also known as Attack on Titan Final Season Final Arc. Because anime loves khổng lồ be confusing, if nothing else.

Despite the Attack on Tichảy finale being at least a year away, there’s plenty we already know (or can speculate on) surrounding the final batch of episodes. That includes a first teaser trailer, a poster, a look ahead to how many episodes are left &, most importantly, a possible release window for an Attaông xã on Tirã episode 88 release date.

When is Attack on Titung Final Season Part 3 returning?

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Officially, Attaông xã on Titung Final Season Part 3 is baông chồng in 2023. That was revealed on the show’s official Twitter tài khoản (opens in new tab) alongside a teaser trailer for the third part of season 4 (which you can watch below). Beyond that, we know very little.

However, a definitive release window, especially given the increasingly busy schedule of animation studio MAPPA, means it likely isn’t going lớn be delayed.

Expected Attaông chồng on Titung episode 88 release date

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Attaông xã on Tirã has run the gauntlet of release windows across its near-decade on the screens. Since 2013, new seasons have sầu debuted as part of anime’s traditional Spring, Fall, and Winter windows.

But we have sầu every reason to believe that the Attack on Titung episode 88 release date could be in the late Winter 2022/23 window, around January-February 2023.

Why? The show has released the Final Season’s first two parts in December 20đôi mươi & January 2022 respectively. The pattern has been mix &, barring any production delays, there should be enough time lớn deliver again at the same time next year. As we’ll soon discover, Part 3 should also be shorter than the first two Parts which should speed up production.

Is Attaông xã on Titung Final Season Part 3 a movie?

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There was some speculation that Attaông chồng on Titan’s Final Season would be adapted into a movie. That’s likely due lớn the continued success of ‘canon’ anime movies on the big screen, including Jujutsu Kaisen 0 và the Demon Slayer Muren Train movie.

That’s not the case here. Attachồng on Titan Final Season Part 3 will not be a movie, instead consisting of multiple TV episodes adapting the final chapters of the manga source material.

How many episodes of Attachồng on Titan are left?

(Image credit: MAPPA)

While we don’t know for sure, Part 3 is likely khổng lồ be fairly short. That’s because it’s rapidly running out of source material.

For context, the first part of Attack on Tichảy Final Season/season four adapted the manga’s 91st chapter to lớn chapter 116, taking 16 episodes. Final Season Part 2 lasted 12 episodes & ran through chapters 117-130.

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There are only nine manga chapters left to lớn adapt, which means Attaông xã on Titung Final Season Part 3 could last around 10 episodes at the current ratio of manga chapters-to-episodes. That could be stretched out lớn around 12 or 13, depending on how MAPPA approaches the (likely) action-heavy scenes on the horizon.

Attaông xã on Titan Final Season story: What lớn expect from Part 3

(Image credit: MAPPA)

Firstly, it’s clear that the years-long conflict between the isl& of Paradis và Marley is coming to a cthua kém. The big question mark surrounding Part 3 is how it goes down.

Eren has started the Rumbling, a world-ending move that sees the Titans encased in Paradis’ wars utilized as a gigantic army. Eren is setting out to kill everyone outside of Paradis so (in his mind) his friends can live sầu free lives without the cycle of revenge inevitably turning back to the ‘devils’ of Paradis.

Standing in Eren’s way is the coalition of forces between Paradis và Marley. They consist of Eren’s ‘sister’ Mikasa, his one-time friends in the Survey Corps, and the remaining prominent forces of Marley.

There are a few wildcards khổng lồ contkết thúc with before we get to lớn the ultimate showdown, however. Chief aao ước them is Floch. The loyal lieutenant to Eren was last seen being shot by Gabi, but his fall inlớn the sea didn’t seem all that fatal.Expect hyên ổn khổng lồ play a major role in the show"s final act.

Zeke, too, is also probably still on the chessboard. He’s currently stuck in the Coordinate thanks to lớn Eren’s actions in Part 2 but if there"s anyone who can get out of a temporal jam, it"s Zeke.

There are also Jaegerists – those that tư vấn – who may have their loyalties crushed by Eren’s ongoing rampage throughout the world. Whether they help or oppose Eren may decide on how the conflict ultimately pans out.

Overall, expect Eren lớn over up in a final showdown with Mikasa over the fate of the planet. The question of whether she can tempt him to lớn give up his warpath might make all the difference in the world.

Attaông xã on Tirã Final Season Part 3 trailer

(Image credit: MAPPA)

Running 15 seconds in length, the trailer blasts its increasingly ominous soundtraông xã as those that are opposing Eren (Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Hange, Gabi, Falteo, Annie, Pieck, Connie, Levi, và Reiner) are seen in the footsteps laid down by one of the Rumbling Titans.

Other than being a pretty heavy-handed metaphor khổng lồ following (quite literally) in Eren’s footsteps as they chase down the one-time Scout, it’s also notable that Levi is seen here with ODM gear. Despite suffering grievous injuries earlier in the Final Season, it appears he could be on the mkết thúc and ready khổng lồ fight in Part 3.

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2023 is shaping up to be a killer year for anime. Detháng Slayer season 3 is expected lớn debut next year, while Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 is confirmed for 2023.