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Dragon City
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If you love dragons và want khổng lồ create an island dedicated to lớn raising dragons, let play Dragon city MOD apk - the great long raising game of Social Point publisher.

Introduce about dragon City

Social Point has a lot of successful games, many of which are boss khủng Legends & World Chef. & in this article, I will introduce you lớn one of its other hugely successful games: long City.

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Have you seen the movie How to lớn train your dragon? After thousands of years of war, humans & dragons have lived together happily and happily on a large island. We can raise dragons lượt thích pets, train them, ride them everywhere in the world.

Build your rồng island

In this game, your main task is khổng lồ build and develop an island for dragons. This is a beautiful island flying in the sky. You can optionally build islands và decorate the island, destroying stones or trees khổng lồ expand the area for the island.


Dragons are divided into different elements such as fire, water, earth, nature, thunder, etc. Based on those elements, you need lớn build the right habitat for them khổng lồ facilitate the egg hatching.

Dragon Book

Your dragon collection is called rồng Book. Currently, there are more than 500 species of dragons in rồng Book and this number is constantly being increased in weekly updates. There are no stories about dragons or why we need to build an army of dragons, but the feeling when you get a rare rồng egg & wait until the egg hatches is very excited.


Each dragon has many different stages of evolution. They can be evolved when they reach the required level. After evolution, your long is greatly enhanced with stats and unlocked more a special skill. Besides, don"t forget khổng lồ equip them with the gem by Rune feature.

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Create legend dragons

You can crossbreed between two dragons to create a new long that has the attributes of both parents. For example, when you cross between a fire dragon & a water dragon, you will get another long that has both skills of fire and water.


In addition lớn the usual elements, Dragon đô thị has many rare elements such as myths, shadows, light, legends… Complete the long Book collection và become the Master of dragons.

PvP battles

After you reach the required level, the trò chơi allows you khổng lồ participate in the PvP arena. This is where you use your strongest dragons and fight other dragon"s players or the AI of the game. You will receive a lot of valuable rewards like gold and dragon eggs when winning.


You are allowed to lớn use up to lớn 3 dragons in a match. When choosing your formation, rely on the elements of the opponent"s dragons. For example, a water long is no bad choice when the enemy has many fire dragons. Also, do not forget lớn use the spheres in each game, you can see how your rồng is strengthened.

Stunning graphics


Dragon Island in Dragon city is beautifully described as a fairyland. 3 chiều graphics with sharp images and lots of colors. In particular, what impressed me was the way the trò chơi designed dragons extremely cute and cool. All of these factors bring you great experiences.

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Download trò chơi Dragon city APK & MOD for Android

In short, rồng City android is a very interesting trò chơi that allows you to lớn raise dragons on your island. Game for the player who loves dragons và wants khổng lồ own rare dragons. If you love đáng yêu dragons in How to lớn train your dragon, this is a trò chơi you can"t miss.