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One Piece: 10 Amazing Boa Hancoông chồng 3D That Look Just Like The Anime One Piece is an anime that inspires cosplayers from around the world, và no character is as inspirational in this regard as Boa Hancoông xã.

Boa Hancock is widely considered lớn be one of the most beautiful & fabulous women in Eiichiro Oda"s fantastic pirate manga One Piece. Simultaneously statuesque và curvy, she is a fan-favorite character và has represented some of Oda"s wildest impulses in the character kiến thiết of his famous women across the franchise. She is determined khổng lồ be the Queen of the eventual King of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy. There is a lot to lớn love sầu about her.

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Naturally, she is widely cosplayed by professional & amateur cosplayers alike. A great many of the looks aim for her Amazon Lily attire because of how iconic it is, but sometimes other looks pop up as well. So here are ten of the best Boa Hancoông chồng cosplays we can find online.

One of the best parts about cosplay & the convention scene is how many takes you can find of a single character. It can lead to lớn some very fun shoots, such as this one by MrJoshBox of one Boa Hancochồng & a whole many Monkey D. Luffy suitors. The cosplay for Boa is CharmieSweets. It"s a hilarious shoot và one can imagine Boa swooning while three Luffys are asking her for more food.

You can follow CharmieSweets on DeviantArt.

This cosplay is one of the few that goes as far as including Boa"s faithful companion, the snake Salome. It"s a well-assembled costume worn by a woman showing the confident attitude one would expect from Boa Hancochồng, one of the strongest pirates on the Gr& Line. It is also so great to lớn see cosplayers of color tackling whatever characters they wish và doing them with attitude.

You can follow Shamãng cầu Mostella on Twitter and Twitch.

Cosplayer, artist, & streamer Giuliette Zawadzki, also known as Beaupeep biến hóa, goes with one of the most iconic outfits of Boa Hancoông chồng with the outfit from the character"s introductory arc on Amazon Lily. Giuliette does a wide variety of cosplay from the world of comics, manga, và đoạn Clip games. Her Boa Hanochồng cosplay is particularly on point, right down khổng lồ those iconic snake earrings.

You can follow all the great cosplay on Giuliette"s Twitter account. You can also go to lớn her website to see her great artwork as well.

7 baitelephone

Cosplayer and Twitch partner "baitelephone" has done a number of great cosplay looks but her take on Boa Hancoông xã is certainly fitting the character! She tweeted a fun comparison of her Boa Hancoông chồng cosplay alongside her cosplay of Sylvanas Windrunner và she completely nails both. The costume work is spot on, and we even get a sense of Boa"s superior attitude manifest in the pose. Great stuff.

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To see more of her great cosplay you can follow her on Twitter, or you can check out her Twitch streams!

This cosplayer out of Germany upgraded her cosplay for a convention & placed very well in the competition. The costume is absolutely great, and the addition of the Marine coat as a cape is a nice touch. What is most fun though is her tweet of a phokhổng lồ she is in with the German voice cast of One Piece. Apparently, they really liked her cosplay as well, so that"s definitely an impressive sầu moment for a cosplayer.

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If this kind of content is up your alley, you can follow Chikako on DeviantArt & World make up.

5 Shine Ng

This well-done cosplay was shot by Fritz Fusion on DeviantArt. The cosplayer is Shine Ng out of Malaysia và she has the right look và attitude for Boa Hancochồng. This is especially true thanks to lớn a good location shoot that totally fits the world of One Piece really well. The confidence of Boa as a pirate totally comes across with Shine"s beckoning pose.

If you want lớn follow all of Shine"s cosplay work, you can follow her on Instagram.

Cosplayer Vampy delivers one of the more original choices of an outfit in this danh sách with an outfit that while not quite from the anime definitely evokes it. Vampy"s Boa is all dressed up for a potential wedding, perhaps with a certain stretchy-pirate? The hairstyle and the retaining of those snake earrings go a long way in making for a Boa cosplay that presents a more elaborate take on a classic look.

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Vampy, of course, can be found on Twitter và Twitch. Keep an eye out for a recent Nico Robin cosplay as well!

3 KaoriEtoile

KaoriEtoile gets bonus points for absolutely mastering that fantastic, disdainful pose Boa uses to lớn look down on those she considers beneath her. This is a very specific joke that may not land for a lot of casual viewers. But in this very well done cosplay shoot by a very talented cosplayer from Singapore we see a great reference play out.

KaoriEtoile can be found on DeviantArt with a huge gallery of cosplay photos on display.

Ukranian cosplayer Bellatrix Aiden hits us with an amazingly moody cosplay photo featuring a rather serious Boa in a darkened chamber, not unlượt thích some ancient pirate fortress. Boa is known for her particularly leggy size of martial arts, so Bellatrix Aiden"s posing here is spot on for the character.

If you think this cosplay is amazing, you can find more of Bellatrix Aiden"s great cosplay work on her official page at OtakuMode.

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1 Natsume0v0

Natumeovo, who can be found on Twitter, unleashes a special cosplay that features a fun prop... the Gum-Gum Fruit! It looks khổng lồ be on location at one of several One Piece attractions in Japan, so the setting, costume, & props all work in conjunction for one particularly great cosplay of one of the most powerful of the Shichibukai. Very well done! She has a whole gallery of great cosplay works on her Twitter account well worth looking at.

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