Diablo 2 : New Dawn X V1


The diehard fans making their own remasters explain what makes this classic so special, & what Blizzard must preserve


This isn’t the first time, though, that someone has tried to recreate the classic ARPG. Reign of Terror is a fan-made Diablo 2 remake that has been stitched back together and maintained in another ARPG called Gryên ổn Dawn. One of its creators tells me it all started in September năm nhâm thìn when he tried to recreate Rogue Encampment with Gryên ổn Dawn’s modding tools. At that point, Ram, who also wishes to lớn remain anonymous, just wanted lớn see if he could do it. Five sầu years later, the team is still at it. After spending three years recreating all five sầu of Diablo 2’s acts on weekends & other spare moments on holidays, the team is now taking care of the minor tweaks. They’re currently working on a new balance update for progression, items, and more.

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“A few more people offered their help with the project after ,” Ram says, “which I am very grateful for, since that allowed me khổng lồ shift my focus lớn making my own indie game with another former GD modder . But I had khổng lồ return lớn Reign of Terror because the person who was responsible for the project during my leave has suddenly left for unknown reasons, và I couldn’t leave my legacy unattended.”

Other Diablo 2 người projects stretch even further baông chồng. Curse of Tristram is a remake of Diablo 2’s first act which uses Starcraft 2’s tools, và Etienne ‘egod123’ Godbout began work when when the Starcraft 2 beta was still in testing. Today, it features weekly events, fresh items to track down, và new economies to master.


What is it about Diablo 2 that has held people’s attention for so long? The sense of community around modding helps, but there’s something special here that players haven’t found in Diablo 3. Notably, everyone I spoke khổng lồ praised the game for the dark, gothic atmosphere that its sequel chose not khổng lồ emulate.

A Diablo 2 remaster wouldn"t affect Reign of Terror because it was never meant as a remake; it"s a quality phối of Diablo 2 và Grlặng Dawn


Reign of Terror creator

I ask Ram what elements of Diablo 2 he tries to lớn keep intact in Reign of Terror. “It’s a combination of things, but mostly fond childhood memories back from when I was actively playing Diablo 2,” he says. “If I had khổng lồ name something specific, it would be the dark atmosphere và superb sound design.”

Yet as players seek lớn pin down và preserve sầu the elusive sầu feel of Diablo 2, its age is inescapable. The genre has evolved in the 21 years since its release, SenpaiSomething observes. Ram sees this as an opportunity, and had his own improvements in mind when making Reign of Terror.

“What I simply couldn’t st& was the same màn chơi kiến thiết used in most of the Diablo 2 areas, và that’s where I had to lớn change something,” he recalls. “Also, the endgame in Diablo 2 isn’t particularly rich, so I’ve added more things to farm once the player finishes the chiến dịch. Then we have sầu the quality of life improvements such as automatic piông xã up, loot filters, unique/mix cống phẩm drop notification, & so on, though some of those came with Grlặng Dawn itself.”


While each of these projects is driven by a comparable wish to preserve what makes Diablo 2 special, they’ve sầu taken on an identity of their own. I ask everyone if Blizzard’s rumoured remaster of Diablo 2 would have sầu any influence on their project’s future. For the most part, everyone believes they’ve sầu created something chất lượng – something sufficiently distinctive sầu lớn still be of value even if Diablo 2: Resurrected is unveiled at BlizzCon 2021.

“As far as I know, the official Diablo 2 remaster is still just a rumour,” Ram says. “However, even if it’s confirmed it won’t affect Reign of Terror in any way because this mod was never meant lớn be a 1:1 remake of Diablo 2 due khổng lồ how different the Grim Dawn engine is, which brings limitations to what I can implement. Reign of Terror is a quality phối of Diablo 2 và Grim Dawn, so it will be very different from a remaster.”

SenpaiSomething also never phối out khổng lồ make a true remaster. Rather, his goal for Project Diablo 2 was lớn make something more like a new expansion. “This one differs in the sense that we can reverse engineer Diablo 2 và are not trying to create a ‘mod’ or ‘new game’ like many of the more technically savvy modders tover to vày,” SenpaiSomething explains. “We’re a team of experienced people who simply want to lớn improve the game as is and maintain the Lord of Destruction feel.

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“I’d say the biggest distinction for us would be that our team is led by people who are hardcore Diablo 2 players with thousands of hours & deep understanding of all the intricacies & interactions that come with it. For example, I’m the project lead & designer, và I’ve sầu spent the last two years making guides & providing feedbachồng & thiết kế ideas for other mods. Essentially, we’re trying to create Diablo 2.5.”


For Godbout, though, it’s time to leave sầu Curse of Tristram behind. Over the weekend the team released a polished yet unfinished version of the mod on BattleNet that contains everything they’ve sầu made so far. It’s partly in anticipation of Blizzard’s rumoured remaster, but also of Godbout’s long-held goal to lớn dive sầu into indie game development. Besides the timing, Godbout adds that the mod is becoming more challenging to maintain due lớn Starcraft 2’s engine.

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“The limitations of the Starcraft 2 Engine editor the biggest challenge,” he tells me. “It’s not that it’s a bad engine, it’s just the hack was too big for it. Blizzard helped us a lot, and we nói qua info together as well with updates on the editor, but still, the project was too big. It’s running very slow right now due khổng lồ a large amount of coding.”

While each of these projects is on different paths, they’ve sầu all been led by people with a deep passion và understanding of Diablo 2. As such – & with one eye on Warcraft 3: Reforged in the rearview mirror – I ask each of them what Blizzard would need khổng lồ vì in its rumoured remaster to make it a success.


Godbout says that Diablo 2 in its current khung is still “really good”, but needs to be purged of the bots and hacks that ruin the experience. Ram adds that “story, NPCs, atmosphere, memorable areas, enemies, music, sounds, voice-overs, core gameplay mechanics, và loot should remain, otherwise will thất bại the majority of its bạn base”. That may seem lượt thích a long list of things for Blizzard to lớn leave alone, but Ram’s own goals in Reign of Terror inspire an equally long các mục of ideas for modernisation.

An official remake would have sầu lớn add more endgame content, because that"s what Diablo 2 lacks most compared to lớn modern ARPGs


Reign of Terror creator

“What has to lớn improve are graphics, animations, larger variety in level kiến thiết for randomly generated areas, unique of life improvements such as a larger inventory form size – infinite stash, as in PlugY, would be the holy grail – auto-pick up, loot filters, cống phẩm drop notifications, và more endgame nội dung, because that’s what Diablo 2 lacks the most in comparison to lớn modern ARPGs.”

For SenpaiSomething, though, one of the most important featuresisthủ thuật tư vấn. After all, it’s what has kept the original Diablo 2 around 21 years after its release.

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“I think the game has an amazing base & I’d love khổng lồ see something like what Jagex did with ’07 Runescape, where they essentially have a continuation of the old game. Tthat’s what we’ve tried to lớn vày with Project Diablo 2,” he says. “It’s something I would’ve loved to see them do with WoW Classic, but that being said, if they wanted lớn keep it completely 1:1 I would also underst& that approach. But they need lớn keep gian lận support, as it has been a large part of what’s kept the game around as long as it has.”

Chechồng out the người projects!Here’s Project Diablo 2, Reign of Terror, và Curse of Tristram. Our thanks khổng lồ the creators for their time & thoughtful comments.

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