not intended lớn last or be remembered for a long time, especially because of not being of a high quality:

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In this age of disposable entertainment, the series stands out as carefully crafted và made to lớn last.

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It"s nuts that we surround ourselves with something that"s so poisonous -- and yet we market plastic as so innocent và disposable.
Micro-batteries are also possible, meaning rechargeable batteries could replace disposable ones in devices like hearing sida.
In 2010, the average household"s disposable income was $30,060, higher than all but three other countries.
We know taxes reduce consumption-especially among mỏi young & low-income people who have less disposable income and are more sensitive to price increases.
The only problem is that the pumps are pretty heavy plus the plastic disposable breast shields used with each woman aren"t environmentally friendly.
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