11 tricks to fix clash of clans crash on android


Clash of Clans crashing when users are mid-battle can be pretty annoying and not something that players want to experience. Therefore, many are wondering “Why does Clash of Clans keep crashing?” & how to fix it. Thankfully, there are some workarounds khổng lồ help solve these issues. Here’s how to fix Clash of Clans crashing on iPhone và Android.

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How to lớn fix Clash of Clans crashing


Here is how khổng lồ fix Clash of Clans crashing on iPhone & Android:

Ensure the device you are using has a secure connection.If the phone is connected via WiFi, try changing to lớn a mobile connection.If the device is connected via thiết bị di động data, try switching lớn a WiFi connection.Swipe away the game and then reopen it.Ensure the latest Clash of Clans update is installed.This may offer a patch lớn help fix the crashing error & smooth out any bugs.Power off the sản phẩm điện thoại device và then back on again.Android smartphone users can vì chưng this by holding down the power button. Lớn turn the device back on hold down the nguồn button.iPhone users can do this by selecting the nguồn button, holding the volume up button, swipe “slide to lớn power off”. Khổng lồ turn the điện thoại back on hold down the power button.Log in and out of GameCenter.Delete Clash of Clans và reinstall.This may help resolve any bugs or errors that the user has experienced.Ensure the device being used can tư vấn the game.Check the device software is compatible with the current version of the game.To fully enjoy the game the following is recommended:Android users will require OS 5.0 or better, 0.5GB of ram, though 1GB is recommended và a minimum screen resolution of 800×480.iPhone users will need tiện ích ios 11.0 or higher, iPhone 5S or better, 1GB ram, và a minimum screen resolution of 640×960.Clear any cache stored on the sản phẩm điện thoại device.Deleting the old cache will remove any irrelevant saved data from the app.Check Clash of Clan’s social pages for any downtime updates.

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If none of the above options fix the crashing issue, users can submit a report with Supercell directly:

Go to lớn the game’s “Settings” menu.This can be found by selecting the COG icon at the bottom trò chơi menu.Select “Help & Support”.Select the option as khổng lồ why support is required.Type your message to tư vấn in the pop-up window.Users can explain in depth the bugs or crashing issues that are being experienced.Send the report & wait for a reply or bug fix update.

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