Game of thrones season 6 finale recap: the winds of winter


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While in King’s Landing, be sure to lớn visit the historic Sept of Baelor. It’s a blast! – King’s Landing Commerce và Tourism Guide

Welcome to the final, unadulterated Unsullied recap of Season 6. A man is truly at a loss for words other than the usual four-letter expletives that naturally come to lớn mind.

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Not only did the finale live up to the hype train, it gave sầu us plenty to discuss during the nine & a half long months of darkness. Enter at your own risk… it’s about khổng lồ get hot.

So, I’ll start with this… last night’s episode gave sầu us an enormous of amount of information that will likely lead to lớn an unprecedented number of possibilities at to what may follow in the final two seasons. There is no way in hell to go inkhổng lồ all of it on this post, so I won’t even make an attempt.


This is simply khổng lồ recap và discuss what transpired in the 68 minutes of awesomeness we witnessed last night/early this morning. We’ve sầu got plenty of time to guesstimate where it all may lead. And we will, which is exactly the reason you should stiông chồng around during the off-season.

So let’s go…

Angry Birds in King’ Landing

If you were one of the many that speculated that Cersei would light a match to the motherfucker, then pat yourself on the baông xã. But she didn’t take it all out. She had khổng lồ leave herself a kingdom to lớn rule.

The beginning of the episode was absolutely stunning. From the wardrobes to the music lớn the various character preparations, you knew that something historic khổng lồ the world of ice & fire was about to transpire.

Loras was broken completely, và would admit to all of his transgressions with no trial necessary. Of course, noticeably absent were the King and his mother. When Tommen finally decided it was time to lớn go, he was blocked by the Mountain. At that point, it was only a matter of time.

Pycelle would be stopped by a whispering child & lured inlớn the lair of the mad scientist. Instead of letting hyên burn with the others, Qyburn apparently wanted the joy of watching Pycelle die at knifepoint, compliments of his angry birds.

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Another angry bird is seen running out of the Sept & pursued by Lancel Sandwich. And as you are all aware, what he saw wasn’t good. Lancel is stabbed và painfully crawls to lớn find candles sitting in a pool of wildfire. The rest is history.


Margaery realizes that all of the occupants of the Sept are in danger & pleads with the High Sparrow khổng lồ take action & lớn evacuate. But in true faith militant fashion, the crowd is blocked in including Kevan Lannister, Loras, Margaery và Mace Tyrell.

Arguably the biggest surprise khổng lồ me was that Marg didn’t get out. The curtain Call list trăng tròn minutes in was already a mile long.

Shortly after the faith inferno, Cersei has her favorite Septa chained down. After they nội dung a glass of wine, Cersei then gives the Mountain the gift of Unella. Brutal.

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Of course, the real tragedy here is Tommen. I think Ozzette shed a tear và tried to hide it. But this innocent kid never had a chance.

Frey Party

The Freys và the Lannisters celebrate their victory in taking baông xã Riverrun. But Jaime is not in a celebratory mood. He was chipper enough to lớn set up Bronn with a couple of nice ladies but when Walder sits down, Jaime would not be as cordial. Jaime questions whether Walder ever had to lớn personally fight for anything & why the Lannisters needed the Freys at all.

Later on, a VPS that had been staring at Jaime brings Walder some finger-licking good pie. When Walder asks where his sons are, the server tells hyên ổn that they are already there & reveals that she is Arya Stark. And all of a sudden, the danh mục got shorter.


Citadel Sam

Sam, Gilly, and baby Sam arrive sầu at the impressive sầu landscape of the Oldtown and are greeted at the welcome center by Bean.

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Sam is allowed access to the grandiose Citadel library where I was convinced that his father Randyll was going khổng lồ cut his head off & reclayên ổn the family sword. But thankfully Sam will live sầu lớn see Season 7. And Gilly & the baby will reside in the welcome center lobby with Bean while Sam begins his studies.


The New King in the North


After finding out what really happened lớn Shireen, Davos confronts Velvet and makes her admit it khổng lồ Jon. As punishment, Jon commands her lớn ride south and Davos threatens that if she ever returns that he will exexinh đẹp her himself.

Later, Littlefinger would admit to Sansa that what he really wants (và what we have assumed for quite some time) is the Iron Throne with her by his side. He tells her that he has pledged the Knights of the Vale lớn the Starks và makes it clear that she should be the leader rather than the “motherless boy from the south.”

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In a meeting of the northern houses, the young Lady Mormont once again proves lớn be the biggest man in the room and pledges her loyalty lớn Jon và House Stark, even though Jon is technically not a Stark. She declares Jon the King in the North and Manderly và Glover admit they made a mistake by not supporting hyên ổn.

Of course, this didn’t work out quite the way Littlefinger had planned. I’m not going lớn delve inlớn deep speculation here, but Sansa is obviously concerned about the presence of Lysakiller. I told you Baelish wasn’t done yet.

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Goodbye Again, Benjen

Benjen drops off Bran và Meera near the Wall & bids them farewell while telling them that he will vày his best in fighting for the living.

Bran almost immediately touches the weirwood và continues his vision from the tower khổng lồ learn the true parentage of Jon. And finally, the theory is confirmed.


Congratulations to lớn everyone who figured this one out (especially the book readers who have been fretting over this for YEARS). Keep in mind that this is a shoông chồng to lớn many viewers of the show who had very little reason lớn believe sầu that Jon was someone other than Ned Stark’s bastard.


Dorne Reborn

You knew that the writers didn’t include Dorne at the beginning of the season with the intention of never revisiting it, didn’t you?

After losing everyone that she loves in Cersei’s btia laze of glory, Grannie Flowers shows up in Dorne. As speculated, Ellaria and Olenna have sầu a comtháng hatred and unsurprisingly size a bond.

Many speculated that Varys was headed khổng lồ Dorne as well. They were correct too. Maybe this is an opportunity for the Dorne storyline lớn reinvent itself, especially with Thorns demanding respect & verbally abusing the S& Snakes.

Traveling Dany

After five years of being teased with Dany’s intent khổng lồ sail khổng lồ Westeros, she is FINALLY on her way. In this weekend’s Death Odds post, my wild thẻ was Daario and the probability of at least one more twist from Meereen before Dany left. Daario wouldn’t die, but he would be left behind lớn keep the peace at the “Bay of Dragons.”

Dany would later name Tyrion “the H& of the Queen” and the fleet would phối sail.

But Dany would not be the only Queen who would be in need of a “Hvà.”

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The Ruling Cersei


When Qyburn showed Cersei the remains of Tommen, she seemed both unsurprised & unaffected. Perhaps she has grown immune khổng lồ dying children. But at this point, she had lớn know by the prophecy of the swamp witch that Tommen’s death was imminent. Did part of her Sept barbecue plot include her ultimately staking clayên ổn & personally sitting on the Iron Throne?

Regardless, wow.

The telling glare from Jaime to Cersei as he arrived in the throne room said it all, all without saying a word.

But as Cersei said to lớn Ned way back in Season 1, “In the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” Cersei wins. For now.

Episode 610 Personal Awards

Favorite Quotes:

 But sometimes before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to lớn rest.” -Qyburn

“I do things because they feel good.” –Cersei

“Can’t go killing my son by law, wouldn’t be right. Give my family a bad name.” –Walder

“What is your name again? Barbaro?” –Olenna

“The King in the North!” -The Northern Houses

“If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will. You have sầu to lớn protect him. Promise me, Ned. Promise me.” -Lyanna

Ow, That Shit Hurts Award: Pycelle’s death was rough, & the “It’s not you, it’s me” moment from Dany to lớn Daario had khổng lồ sting.

Jackass Award: Tough not khổng lồ give it khổng lồ Walder as he ranks right up there on the leaderboard with Ramsay và Alliser. But in the end, he had his pie và ate it too.

I’ll give it khổng lồ Cersei for nearly taking out the entire Tyrell family, along with an Emmy for Lemãng cầu Headey.


Overall Thoughts: Amazing episode và arguably one of the best finales in the show’s history. The visuals were stunning. The landscapes were beautiful. The costumes were superb. The direction was first-class. And the acting was fantastic.

Even more important was that it gave us a lot to digest & plenty of fodder lớn chew on for the off-season. A rewatch is mandatory. The new alliances. The death of so many long-term characters. The fallout of everything that transpired. There’s plenty to chat about at the water cooler until next April.

Considering the episode name, I was a little surprised that we didn’t see the White Walkers. But the episode had plenty of winter references. Varys sailing lớn Dorne, & then sailing baông xã to Meereen, & then sailing again for Westeros came across as a little odd. Think of all the gas money he wasted.

I’m actually fine with the Daario deal as he has never been my favorite character. But will we ever see that guy again? My guess is yes. I’m more happy lớn know that somewhere, Jorah Mormont is still limping along looking for a cure & that he presumably lives at least until the next season.

Alright kiddos! Enough of my take. Give me yours. So much info. Spit it out. I haven’t read a phản hồi anywhere about anything, so I’m interested lớn see what you have to say.

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And look… just because the season is over doesn’t mean you have lớn run for the hills and leave us here alone at the Wall. The off-season is full of casting, filming info, mindless speculation, and all the donuts you can eat. So don’t be a stranger. Hang out and stay awhile. Invite an Unsullied khổng lồ join us. And may there always be peace in your realm. –Oz

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