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Người tạo nên Gunman Clive, Mechstermination Force và Super Punch Patrol nói đến ngành công nghiệp nói thông thường


B ertil Hörberg đã trở thành một Một trong những công ty trở nên tân tiến độc lập khét tiếng duy nhất dành cho người ái mộ trò nghịch theo triết lý Nintenvì. Loạt game Gunman Clive của anh ấy có một lượng bự bạn theo dõi, chất nhận được những người mến mộ trò đùa truyền thống tận thưởng thú vui của việc tái hiện văn minh của những tựa game NES Mega Man .

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He followed up those successes with a more action-oriented spin on the genre, titled Mechstermination Force. His most recent title is a side-scrolling beat ’em up named Super Punch Patrol, which was released onto lớn the e-shop this past fall.

As lovers of the independent gaming scene here at SUPERJUMPhường, we were thrilled to lớn get the opportunity to lớn ask Bertil about some of his opinions on the industry, his own thought processes when making games, và what might be next for him và his career. We hope you enjoy this interview with one of the indie development scene’s most exciting stars!

SUPERJUMP: Being an independent game developer requires a lot of introspection and self-critique. When trying to lớn figure out what comes next, you only have sầu yourself khổng lồ turn lớn. How vì chưng you figure out what works & what doesn’t? What is one of the main things you’ve learned about your skills since the first Gunman Clive?

Bertil Hörberg: Yes, this was especially true for Super Punch Patrol. Being developed during the early parts of the pandemic, it was harder lớn get player feedback; only a handful of people had played it at all before I submitted the final version for release & just a few times in total towards the end of development.

That was also true for the co-op mode, which I could only actually chạy thử with a second player a few times, but luckily it seems to have sầu worked out ok. But I think I’ve sầu come lớn learn lớn just trust my instincts & try lớn avoid being a perfectionist & find a level of good-enough that I can actually produce in a reasonable timeframe.

SUPERJUMP: Do you ever desire lớn work for a large studio again? Is there anything you miss about working in these large-scale settings or vì the politics of the environment get too stressful and take the creativity out of your work?

Bertil Hörberg: I quickly learned that big AAA productions were not my thing and jumped lớn smaller & smaller teams until I was working alone, và of course, the scope và team kích cỡ of the average AAA game has only continued khổng lồ grow since then. But of course, working alone or in a small team limits the type of game you can make, as well as the reach your game will have unless you hit the absolute jackpot. I can sometimes miss working on things that are more widely discussed on more mainstream forums.

SUPERJUMP: I’ve sầu written a lot about how important indie games are khổng lồ the gaming industry at large in 2021. I truly feel lượt thích they come packed with a personal touch and attention lớn detail that just can’t be replicated in a AAA title. Where vị you think the game industry would be today without the brilliant independent work of people like yourself? Do you think indie games demonstrate that games are an art form?

Bertil Hörberg: I think the indie moniker is becoming increasingly diffuse these days, some of the games considered indies today still have bigger teams than many of the AAA games from a few console generations bachồng. But yes with the AAA games becoming ever bigger và more expensive sầu to produce, it’s harder và riskier for them to lớn experiment and offer new and personal experiences, và harder to release at all actually. So smaller productions fill that gap, and today we have sầu the whole spectrum from solo developers, small and mid-form size studgame ios to lớn full-blown 100 million dollar productions.

While of course, it is a great thing that more people can develop games now than ever before, I can still miss the time when there wasn’t such a big divide between the biggest productions và the smaller games, và even some very mainstream titles could be weird & experimental. And I often wish I could have sầu been part of the industry in the SNES or PS1 era.

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SUPERJUMP: The graphical style of your new title, Super Punch Patrol, feels like a child’s notebook sketches brought lớn life on the screen. Where did this idea come from và where bởi vì you think your future graphical styles will draw inspiration from?

Bertil Hörberg: In many ways, it’s an evolution of the art style from Gunman Clive. One of the things I enjoy most in development is experimenting with rendering techniques và shaders often to lớn try to lớn disguise the traditional 3D rendering as much as possible and make it look more hand-drawn. One of the things I’ve sầu been experimenting with for future games is a colorized version of the Punch Patrol rendering, mixed with some ideas I’ve sầu had in previous unfinished projects.

SUPERJUMP: What would be your main piece of advice for a new independent developer in the industry? What is the main thing they should keep in mind lớn be successful, both financially và artistically?

Bertil Hörberg: The industry keeps changing and the market gets increasingly flooded so I’m not really sure what advice I can give to achieve financial success that holds up now. Try khổng lồ keep your scope small và focus on a game that suits your or your team’s skillphối & the type of work you enjoy & you’ll be a lot more likely khổng lồ ever finish a game.

SUPERJUMP: What is your personal favorite indie title that you have sầu played? What did that game mean to lớn your career as a developer?

Bertil Hörberg: I have a hard time naming a favorite, và honestly, I don’t play that many indie games, & most of my inspiration instead comes from older games. One game series that really impressed me was Fairune 1&2 for how beautifully it condensed the Zelda-like exploration and streamlined everything else for a very clean and focused experience.

SUPERJUMP: Both the Gunman Clive series và Mechstermination Force would be classified as platformers of some sort. Why bởi you think that genre is so easy for both casual và hardcore gamers to engage themselves in?

Bertil Hörberg: There’s just something about the side-scrolling perspective that’s just instantly readable & understandable & lends itself well to lớn responsive action as well as a whole bunch of other types of gameplay. It removed a lot of potential difficulties of a fully 3D environment both for the player & developers.

SUPERJUMP: What is the process for an indie developer to get paid for their work? How much of the profit goes khổng lồ you and how much goes khổng lồ the company that gives your game a platkhung to lớn sell on, like Nintendo?

Bertil Hörberg: The industry standard is that the store/platform holder takes 30%. I believe the Epic Games Store has a lower rate but I haven’t released anything there myself.

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SUPERJUMP: What genre vày you think your next game will be in? Perhaps you’ll venture out inkhổng lồ something completely different than before, maybe an RPG or puzzle game?

Bertil Hörberg: I’m currently taking some extended time off & don’t know when I’ll start working on a new game. But I’ve been thinking maybe it’s time for a Gunman Clive 3, or maybe I’ll go against my own advice và try lớn make something overambitious like a third-person shooter, maybe something Resident Evil inspired.

SUPERJUMP: Thank you so much for your time, Bertil. It was a pleasure getting to speak with you!

If you want lớn purchase any of Bertil’s games they all come at an incredibly affordable asking price on the Nintenvì e-cửa hàng. You can purchase all four titles he’s made for just over đôi mươi US dollars!