PNWParksFan, and the RDE Team. A modified gameconfig is required for most add-on mods. We recommend installing this gameconfig using LML (Lenny"s gian lận Loader). If you are using LML, you can install this package using the thủ thuật Manager, & it will load a working gameconfig.xml for the latest trò chơi version. You bởi not need to lớn change the file in update.rpf, just load this package & you"re ready lớn go.

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You can also install this gameconfig manually by downloading the file, & copying gameconfig.xml from the "latest" folder to updateupdate.rpfcommondata. 


Please see our github repository for further information and faster updates after new game versions are released.

Edited July 29, 2022 by PNWParksFan

What"s New in Version 2802

Released December 18, 2022

Version 2802 is updated for the December 2022 update. 


Heap Adjuster and Packfile Limit Adjuster are required. note that an LML update must be downloaded and installed lớn work with this game version.


Virus scan results are determined automatically from for reference use only và are not manually verified by the team.
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Schecter004 460

Posted October 20, 2019

What"s LML?

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JayPD 29

Posted October 20, 2019

2 hours ago, Schecter004 said:

What"s LML?

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Cpl.Griffiths 83

Posted October 22, 2019

thank you sir !!!!! waited years for somone to lớn make one for us thats updated


When I click "Download with mod Manager" I just get this screen. I vì have LML running.


How can I tải về LML or is it just for selected people?


Downloaded this and it has immediately broken my game with a "Out of trò chơi memory" error on the loading screen. Disabled it through LML & it did nothing.

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to change gameconfig , the path way is : GTAV>mods>update>update.rpf>common>data




If you"re using LML you don"t need khổng lồ install anything to anywhere. Just download this package with thủ thuật Manager & it just works. That"s it. 

Do you think it works with the new version?

i did everything in this video


Out of trò chơi memory message keep show up.


You probably need to lớn install the Heap Adjuster mod.

PNWParksFan does this help with limitless addon vehicles?


5 hours ago, Henners said:

10 hours ago, PNWParksFan said:

14.0.2/assets/72x72/1f642.png" class="ipsEmoji" alt="