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Invoke is a Python (2.7 and 3.4+) library for managing shell-orientedsubprocesses và organizing executable Python code into CLI-invokable tasks. Itdraws inspiration from various sources (make/rake, Fabric 1.x, etc) toarrive at a powerful & clean feature set.

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To find out what’s new in this version of Invoke, please see the changelog.

The project maintainer keeps a roadmap on his website.

This trang web covers project information for Invoke such as the changelog,contribution guidelines, development roadmap, news/blog, và so forth.Detailed usage and API documentation can be found at our code documentationsite,

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Please see below for a high cấp độ intro, or the navigation on the left for therest of the site content.

What is Invoke?¶

Like Ruby’s Rake tool & Invoke’s own predecessor Fabric 1.x, it provides aclean, high cấp độ API for running shell commands and defining/organizingtask functions from a file:

from invoke import task
taskdef clean(c, docs=False, bytecode=False, extra=''): patterns = <'build'> if docs: patterns.append('docs/_build') if bytecode: patterns.append('**/*.pyc') if extra: patterns.append(extra) for pattern in patterns:"rm -rf ".format(pattern))
taskdef build(c, docs=False):"python build") if docs:"sphinx-build docs docs/_build")
From GNU Make, it inherits an emphasis on minimal boilerplate for commonpatterns and the ability khổng lồ run multiple tasks in a single invocation:

$ invoke clean build
Where Fabric 1.x considered the command-line approach the mặc định mode ofuse, Invoke (and tools built on it) are equally at home embedded in your ownPython code or a REPL:

Following the lead of most Unix CLI applications, it offers a traditionalflag-based style of command-line parsing, deriving flag names and value typesfrom task signatures (optionally, of course!):

$ invoke clean --docs --bytecode build --docs --extra='**/*.pyo'$ invoke clean -d -b build --docs -e '**/*.pyo'$ invoke clean -db build -de '**/*.pyo'
Like many of its predecessors, it offers advanced features as well –namespacing, task aliasing, before/after hooks, parallel execution and more.

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Professionally-supported Invoke is available with theTidelift Subscription.

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