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Cardinal, Marie, 'Perturbation, ma sœur', May 68 in French Fiction & Film: Rethinking Society, Rethinking Representation, Oxford Studies in Modern European Culture (

Oxford, 1999; online edn, Oxford, 3 Oct. 2011),, accessed 9 Apr. 2023.

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The chapter discusses that linguistics was the foundation stone of structuralist theory and that language gradually filled the intellectual field và that the complex interplay of silence và language became the royal road to lớn social understanding, as Certeau saw it in May 1968. In literary, cinematic, political, & sociological terms, May triggered a renewed focus on new kinds of language and writing, as well as new theorizations of being where language & writing were central. This chapter explains that Les Mots pour le dire by Marie Cardinal articulated this ‘rush khổng lồ language’ and examined the complex social and political dimensions of the language/silence dialectic in the social & political contexts of gender & women’s identity, & exemplified perspectives that would become associated with ‘French feminism’. The chapter says that the novel’s relationship to lớn May 1968 is thematic and, in terms of text, structural.

Keywords: linguistics, structuralist theory, Marie Cardinal, language & silence, social understanding

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Literary Studies (European) Film
Collection: Oxford Scholarship Online
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