My Boo is a casual game of the purest Pou style. During the game, you have sầu to lớn take care of a cuddly virtual pet that demands from you all the cares of a real pet: feeding, bathing, playing, etc. Players can participate in more than minigames with their Boo. You get khổng lồ have sầu fun with your pet while completing levels. In addition, you play và complete, you can get types of lớn personalize, lượt thích glasses, wigs, suits, etc. In addition khổng lồ playing with Boo, you also have khổng lồ clean và bathe it.

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If you don't keep your pet clean, it'll become sad, & if it is hungry, it will surely get mad at you. Because of this, you have sầu lớn to its every needs. In addition to personalizing how Boo looks, with My Boo you can also personalize its room. You can decorate the walls of your pet's house, so that you can add some personal touches. My Boo is a Pou-style app that has tons of details and fun For some users, it is more fun than the Pou, while for some, neither one is fun.

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Mar 31rd, 2022
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