What do you think you’ll vày if a zombie apocalypse happens? How will you protect your home? Well, in this fun game, that won’t be a problem as the plants will be the ones khổng lồ defkết thúc your home. Play Plants vs Zombies 2, a casual strategy game published by Electronic Arts. If you’ve sầu already played the first game of the franchise, then it means you already know how fun this game is.

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If this will be your first time playing this casual game, then you’ll absolutely be in for a real treat! Plants vs Zombies 2 offers a lot of new things that old & new players will enjoy. Continue reading as we discuss in detail what this game has to offer.

Don’t Let the Undead Take Your Home!

If you’ve played Plants vs Zombies before, then you can skip the tutorial for Plants vs Zombies 2 since it will only discuss the basics of the gameplay. But if this will be your first time khổng lồ play, then play through it. You’ll learn how the gameplay goes and what you need khổng lồ vày. After the basic tutorial, you will undergo another tutorial, which will introduce some of the new things in Plants vs Zombies 2.

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One example is plant food, which can temporarily boost your plants by enhancing their abilities briefly. For example, Pea Shooter will become a Gatling Pea, where it can shoot continuously for a few seconds. Another example would be the Sun Flower suddenly releasing many suns. It allows you to lớn quickly spover on high-cost plants or put down several plants at once.

Another thing that you’ll enjoy with Plants vs Zombies 2 would be the different settings. In the first game, you will only battle in the front yard, backyard, or roof. But in this game, you get khổng lồ travel to different eras lượt thích in ancient Egypt, the era of the Pirates, and so on. You also get to lớn encounter new zombies that Dr. Zomtrùm has cooked up, as well as have sầu new plants khổng lồ protect you.

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Above anything else, what you will likely enjoy about the new features of Plants vs Zombies 2 would be multiplayer. In this multiplayer mode, you get to lớn compete against other players. It will be a way to kiểm tra if your strategy is as good as you think it is. Both players will be protecting their homes from zombie attacks, each earning scores. The one with the highest score will win head-to-head.

Exciting Features of Plants vs Zombies 2

Battle across 11 different worlds and eras Collect hundreds of new & old plants lớn battle against zombies Compete against other players in the arena

You can see that Plants vs Zombies 2 is a fun game that is even better than the first one. The added features provide you with more exciting gameplay khổng lồ enjoy. If you’re looking for other fun casual khổng lồ play, then kiểm tra out Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium and Color Road. These are casual that you’ll enjoy for miễn phí on your PC with!