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The attentiveness of the nurse và the nourishment she prepares is for the sake of a siông chồng person, a patient.
Nonetheless, it appears that moral orthodoxy, as defined by what the public is prepared to accept, is on the side of the animal experimentalists.
Instead, let us redouble our efforts và be prepared to lớn sail this new, complex, perverse, destructive sầu, fascinating, cherished river whose name is still pediatric cardiology!
The stems were prepared as described above sầu, và infested with prey as for the mixed prey density treatment (iv) previously described.
The miners were prepared lớn resort, if not to lớn violence, then to acts of civil disobedience and incursions onto contested lvà.
Unless the architectural profession và schools of architecture are prepared to lớn look outwards, our standing in retìm kiếm could slip ever lower.
The landlord once suggested that a relative sầu of his would be prepared to swap property with the tenants.
Farmers were prepared lớn accept some late blight in tubers if other characteristics were favourable.
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someone who is a good friend when it is easy khổng lồ be one & who stops being one when you are having problems

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