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a quid pro quo for sth It"s all legal as long as contributions aren"t a quid pro quo for political favors.
For example, one family developed a quid pro quo agreement in which the teen"s privileges became contingent on keeping compliant with his medications.
In a pattern of reciprođô thị, individuals contribute to lớn each other"s welfare, but without the interposition of an immediate quid pro quo.
The main differences are that such pay-offs are usually made from candidates" private campaign war chests and are part of a direct quid pro quo.
Market pay is a quid pro quo for market work; and the quids are paid only after (but soon after) receipt of the quos.
In a private market, provision activities take place as individual buyers engage in quid pro quo relationships with sellers of goods and services.
They obtain their compensations in the khung of liberal concessions from import và excise duties granted on dubious grounds as quid pro quo.
When exclusion is low-cost khổng lồ the supplier, preferences for the amount and quantity of a good are revealed as a result of many quid pro quo transactions.
As a quid pro quo the young will receive a pension benefit when they are old, which will be financed by contributions from the then young.
One problem is that the laông xã of precise data makes it hard lớn engage in a " "quid pro quo" " và hence could impede future negotiations on liberalization.
Business incorporation was viewed as a gift of the sovereign bestowed upon select groups of individuals as quid pro quo for the carrying out of certain important public tasks.
He highlights the importance of the timing and scale of reforms, as well as the quid pro quo (or sweeteners) offered by a particular reform package.

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