Roll the Ball: slide puzzle 2 is an addictive sầu logic game where players have lớn carve sầu out a that a balls rolls down and passes through each box that appears on the game board. This game, divided inkhổng lồ 300 levels, has several difficulty tiers based on your skills: beginners paông chồng, players pachồng, hard, advanced, và extreme. The tiers all have 60 bonkers levels that you have sầu to decipher in the quickest time possible. Not only that – Roll the Ball: slide puzzle 2 also obliges you lớn solve the puzzle with a certain phối of moves or you won"t get the full three stars for the màn chơi.The way you move sầu the pieces around the board is very simple: just move them with your finger to where you want them and match some to others, starting from the basis that you can only move them one by one & they can never jump over each other. Plus as you advance you"ll find obstacles like pieces of road that can"t be moved or countdowns to the release of the ball.

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You either manage khổng lồ solve sầu the puzzle with the marked pieces & before the ball falls or you"ve sầu got khổng lồ start the màn chơi from the beginning.If you get blocked & can"t manage khổng lồ find a viable solution you"ve sầu always got the possibility of asking for a clue that lets you finish the màn chơi as quickly as possible based on the moves you"ve sầu already made. Step by step you"ll make it to lớn the kết thúc, and with a little luông chồng you"ll manage lớn unloông chồng the next difficulty pachồng. If you play every day you"ll get rewards that give sầu you an extra push in the puzzles. Roll the Ball: slide puzzle 2 is, in short, an addictive, frantic, và very fun puzzle game lớn some time racking your brain over.

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Jan 16th, 2020
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