A:swarm = (de insectos) un enjambre; (de personas) una muchedumbreto lớn swarm = enjambrar, apiñarse, moverse en una manada
A:"swarm" is what bees bởi vì - they stiông chồng together in a tight group as they fly. It would be frightening lớn see that coming toward you."swarm forward" must be the instruction for a group of people khổng lồ move toward something in unison, và possibly aggressively.

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A:A swarm can be a swarm of insects for instance. In the sentence you sent, it means that a lot of people will quickly surround you or place that you are staying
A:A swarm of bees attacked me after I took some honey.Ants swarm lớn trash cans full of leftover food.Every Blachồng Friday, shoppers swarm to lớn electronics stores.
A:There was an angry swarm of bees around the bearThe huge sale attracted swarms of costumers from all over the cityTeenage girls swarmed around the coffe after they noticed Justin Bieber was inside It was sunny so the beach was swarming with people
A:“The investment banks were like a swarm of locusts in an open field.”“Swarms of locusts can eat everything green in sight. “
A:It"s normally just different usage for different animals: a flochồng of geese or ducks, but a swarm of bees or locusts.But both words are often used for other things..."People flocked lớn buy the new Galaxy Note 7.""There was a swarm of shoppers at the new Mall."
Q:what does trying lớn swarm on a someone meancontext:Ah! You baldheaded devil monks are trying to lớn swarm on a n-word, huh?
A:To swarm on something is to lớn surround & attack it. Imagine being "swarmed" by wasps after stepping on their nest.

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Q:what does "swarm" means? l saw in dictionary it means a group of flying insects, but is it means ants too? " our picnic was ruined by a swarm of ants"
A:Although most typically used for flying insects, it can also be used for non-flying ones. Hence, you can say "a swarm of ants".

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