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Developed by Chinese studio Kingnet và published in Đài Loan Trung Quốc by Bilibili, Sword Art Online Blachồng Swordsman: Ace is an officially licensed di động MMORPG from Bandai Namco and Kadokawa. It launched a couple of days baông xã as a China-exclusive sầu title, and I managed to lớn get on the hype train và give sầu it a quichồng whirl. As usual, I am only giving the game a first look, without experience mid or late content.

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So, there is really nothing much about character creation in Sword Art Online Blaông chồng Swordsman: Ace, which is a bummer as I was expecting something at the cấp độ of Blaông chồng Desert Smartphone. At least players can choose between male and female for each playable weapon? So, off we go khổng lồ Aincrad & kill some monsters!

The progression in Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace works this way: Players need to lớn clear a chain of mission & quests khổng lồ finally advance lớn the level trùm, defeat it, and advance lớn the next. Pretty much similar to the anime. The key characters such as Kirito & Asumãng cầu are both NPCs and also in your team once you unlock them.

In the open world, they simply exists as special skills which you can sumtháng after unlocking them (there are just 5 of these characters now). So why vì we need to level and equip them? Well, if you want lớn solo any dungeons, you can add them instead of partying with other live players. So far, there are the only 2 features I encountered.

Combat in Sword Art Online Blaông xã Swordsman: Ace is kind of frustrating for lazy players lượt thích me. After unlocking auto-combat around 30 minutes inlớn the game, you will then find out that this feature doesn’t work in instanced dungeons and scenargame ios such as the level boss. Basically, auto-combat can only be used lớn AFK farm in the open world… Until you reach Floor 2 where new dungeons open up và you can auto there.

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While the main instanced dungeons bởi not have auto-combat, casual ones such as resources dungeons và wave sầu battles vị allow it, along with open world bosses.

There is just 1 thành tích lớn gaphụ thân for right now, which are skill nâng cấp cards. Basically, they change the way each skill works by giving them add-on effects. Hence, there can be many different types of skill combinations even if players are using the same weapons. From what I see, players can eventually unlock other weapons as well rather than just sticking khổng lồ the starting one.

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And of course there is the Battle Pass.


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