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Stiông chồng War: Legacy
Max Games Studios
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4Can play offline

Stiông xã War: Legacy MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) will help you have the most entertaining & funniest moments. Just download the game to lớn your phone & take part in the stiông xã battle!

About Stichồng War: LegacyMOD APK version of Stichồng War: Legacy

About Stichồng War: Legacy

Maybe you have known many extremely popular fighting stickman games before? I can easily tell examples such as Stickman Legends, Stickman Revenge or Stick Fight… Most of them are very hot before and received high Reviews. Today, I introduce to you a new strategy game about stickman, that’s Stichồng War: Legacy of the publisher Max Games Studtiện ích ios. If you don’t know, this is a very popular webgame.

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When playing Stiông chồng War: Legacy, you will come khổng lồ Inamorta world including many powerful empires. Each country has unique cultural & for them, weapons are worshipped as a deadly culture. All of them are poised to lớn invade the country where you are a king. Being a talented và compassionate leader, of course, you always love sầu peace. However, in the context that the country is always in a dangerous situation, it is imperative sầu to lớn build a powerful military force lớn eradicate all attacks of the enemy. Besides, economic development to build a svào army.


Defend the kingdom

In Stick War: Legacy, you will be a reigning king of a kingdom by reason and peace. Weapons, violence và war are not your styles. However, neighbouring countries have modern weapons industry và always want invade your kingdom.


As a strategy game, instead of controlling a character, you command a mighty army with a lot of warrior soldiers. Control and build your own strategy team including Soldiers, Swordsmen, Wizard or Giants. When properly arranged và equipped with weapons, they will bring svào fighting power. In addition, you can apply for your army with magic charms.

Gold và gems

Each major nation in Stichồng War: Legacy is not only svào in the military but above all, they need svào economic potential. Like the real world, the military powers of the world have sầu great economic resources or a huge investment for the military. This game is no exception. You need a lot of gold lớn build a powerful army. Please exploit resources on the territory. There is a large force of workers và miners willing khổng lồ work day và night to extract gold from mineral deposits. Pay attention to upgrading miners to lớn fully exploit resources và optimize the amount of gold you can exploit every day.


Besides the source of gold, an extremely valuable monetary unit in Stiông xã War: Legacy is a gem. It helps you khổng lồ tăng cấp combat units by strengthening the stickman warriors. It also helps miners lớn operate twice as fast in a given time. In particular, gems are used lớn purchase spells & items in Store.

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A fun strategy game

The battles of Stichồng War: Legacy are highly tactical. All kingdoms have sầu modern and distinctive war technology. If you win them, you can gain valuable spoils and a part of the territory. The wars are cruel but will bring great benefit to lớn the winners. Remember: “The winner is the strongest”. If you have sầu a reasonable strategy and a squad of warriors who are not fear, you can defeat anyone.


For example, the balance between melee soldiers in front (Swordsmen, Soldiers…) and long-range forces such as Archers, Wizard. Giants can attaông chồng aggressively và also protect the turret very well. Through every battle, we see the size of the leader is immensely great both in the commvà of the battle & the military strategy.


Stick War: Legacy has a lot of interesting modes for you. Fighting in the world of Inamorta is extremely fascinating but it is just a classic mode. You can play various modes lượt thích Survival or Tournament. With survival mode, your stickman army must survive sầu in the world of zombies. If you want lớn be more competitive, Tournament mode is where you clash with other players around the world.

MOD APK version of Stiông chồng War: Legacy

Surely you are looking for the money hack version of this game. Because its difficulty is undeniable. You can download the MOD APK version of the game for không tính phí at pntechcons.com.vn to make things easier.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will have unlimited Gems in the game.

How to lớn use

You can spkết thúc gems even when there is no amount. Just go to lớn “Shop” then buy any cửa nhà, your gems will increase.

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Download Stiông chồng War: Legacy APK và MOD for Android

The features are extremely attractive to players. It attracts players from fierce battles lớn eye-catching 2D graphics. The shape of the characters is extremely diverse và funny. Along with that are the vivid expressions of the stickman soldiers.

More specifically, I really lượt thích Stick War: Legacy. Simply because I love sầu peace but I’m not easily bullied. The best defence is lớn attaông xã. Bring fear to lớn all enemies và prove sầu who is the true king of the kingdom.