Taking the image of superheroes, Power nguồn Rangers Dash features the guys in the series about superheroes in colorful tight suits. Power Rangers Dash brings a complete phối of different superanh hùng genres in the movies about the Ranger. It creates a richness in the number of characters and shaping makes the game appealing.

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In nguồn Rangers Dash, you can encounter new Rangers or Rangers that were very familiar before. It summons all superheroes through the cards in the store và appears random, full of surprises.

The Rangers also feature signature combat gear and weapons based on Saban’s Power Rangers TV series. There are also a few other quality features such as the ability lớn summon Megazord (Giant Combat Robot) against monsters that have sầu been enhanced. Also, Power Rangers Dash lets gamers summon Megazord in a few critical situations.

General Information

As a child, everyone must have sầu seen the very famous Power nguồn Rangers movie. Although it has gone through many versions for over trăng tròn years, the appeal of this series is still very great. Foreseeing this, Korean developer Movegames has released nguồn Rangers Dash. The game offers the theme of nguồn Rangers but is expressed in a very special style.

Power nguồn Rangers Dash is a successful game product when boldly following the very popular endless runner genre. It also takes the image of Power Rangers many people have sầu known.

Not following the action fighting genre lượt thích other superanh hùng games, Power nguồn Rangers Dash brought an endless runner genre against superheroes. Do you think that is boring? The game attracts many players by its challenging action aspect. Especially, the number of characters is not inferior khổng lồ any game product with the theme of hero.

They show the action element of the game on each game screen. Control three superheroes to lớn attachồng monsters blocking the way. Then jump through deep holes và fight bosses. The game is very challenging when each dũng sĩ has only one life. The Ranger who is unlucky khổng lồ die can come bachồng. When the enemy hit all the Rangers. Unfortunately, start over.

To reduce the difficulty, Power Rangers Dash gives the player the ability to level up each Ranger so that attacks become fast & powerful. The game also provides a supplementary gem board for players to increase the tốc độ và the ability lớn damage superheroes. Still, find it difficult? You can Call the giant robot Megazord to lớn wipe out all enemies on the way và turn off any screen.

The trùm fights of the game are between Megazord & monsters. These segments are very easy when the player only needs lớn attaông chồng in two directions khổng lồ the left or right. This challenge helps us to relax after tough runs. Talking about the Ranger collection, the writer believes that it will not be difficult for you to lớn choose an excellent team with the dozens of Power nguồn Rangers, stretching from Operation Overdrive sầu and Mystic Force khổng lồ Wild Force.

Power Rangers Dash also integrates a very popular community feature. The game allows players to lớn chia sẻ achievements through the social network Facebook.


How to Play nguồn Rangers Dash?

Power nguồn Rangers Dash from Movegames promises to evoke players’ childhood memories. With gameplay, its endless runner game will bring you lots of laughter. Surely, no one is unaware of the legendary game Power nguồn Rangers. Now, in Power Rangers Dash, you will Đánh Giá that memory.

They build the gameplay of Power nguồn Rangers Dash in the endless runner style instead of in the RPG versions you have sầu seen on PC và Console. However, the game still does not thua the spirit of the superheroes and has fascinated millions of young readers for generations.

Control three superheroes in each cấp độ to take part in the raid on monsters blocking the way. You need to lớn attack them, avoid traps, and defeat the bosses. Also, the developer dedicates something lớn each Ranger by giving players’ experience points to màn chơi up, equipping gems to lớn support the superheroes, or calling for help from Megazord khổng lồ clear the map.

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You will choose from three Rangers out of super teams including Operation Overdrive sầu, Mystic Force, & Wild Force. With 3D Chibi creation, accompanied by beautiful effects và vivid, fresh sound, Power nguồn Rangers Dash features a grand entertainment for the players. You can also cốt truyện your score via social networks or Game Center.


Overall Assessment

Interesting Gameplay

Your mission is lớn run across the terrain, destroy monsters along the way, collect coins (E-coin and G-coin), power-up items, & reach the lair of the enemy. Use the Jump control khổng lồ jump up and press two times in a row lớn jump higher. Then use the Attachồng bar lớn attack enemies along the way.

After winning through the levels, the super robot will fight the leader of that station for a limited time. Try lớn hit quickly to lớn get more coins. You can use the coins lớn get & unlochồng more new super-warriors, racing with the existing super-soldier.

Or you can also use them to tăng cấp the power of superheroes. Besides, each day you also have an extra round of lottery to receive sầu more items to tăng cấp strength and the fighting ability for the Rangers.


Unique Graphic Design

The game has dễ thương graphics. They design the characters in the khung of lovely Chibi. The details in the game are also invested & very diverse. Besides, the effect when fighting in the game is beautiful with bright lines when superheroes attaông chồng enemies or receive sầu items.

The game also supports sound with effects for each activity such as attack, jump, receive coins, & collect items. Coming to lớn this game of five Power Rangers, you will return to lớn your childhood while watching the series.


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As a new product of Gameloft, but unlike previous versions with the style of fighting & violence, Spider-Man Unlimited Power brings light entertainment when combining Endless Runner gameplay with diverse combat phases. It leads players lớn enter an exciting adventure with familiar Marvel characters.

Spider-Man Unlimited Power’s graphics follow American-style comics with lifelike hand-drawn drawings. It is your chance khổng lồ explore the vibrant Thủ đô New York City, which is the target of the organization called Sinister Six in their evil chains. Thành Phố New York is in danger of being destroyed when the Sinister Six intends to move sầu space in New York and connect the earth with a new planet to destroy humanity.

Spiderman appeared as the savior of the earth with a heavy responsibility on his shoulders. However, in this war, he is not alone because 23 other spiderman versions will be unlocked lớn join hands against the Sinister Six. They are Iron Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Future Foundation Spider-Man, & Ben Reilly Spider-Man.

They thiết kế the game on five sầu scenargame ios, with 25 challenging and challenging missions lớn challenge players. The character’s journey is also installed with many dangerous obstacles such as laser fences and vehicles going up và down on the highway. He even has to lớn swing a rope to cross another dangerous terrain.

Final Words

By applying a 3 chiều image for characters and background scenes, nguồn Rangers Dash gives players bright scenes and beautiful effects. They thiết kế the super characters according to the original but with Chibi style. The sound of the game is also done well with playing background music, matching the progress of the game.

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With what they have shown, Power Rangers Dash MOD APK is a successful game sản phẩm when boldly following the very popular endless runner genre and taking the image of nguồn Rangers.