Zombie tsunami v4

NameZombie Tsunami APK
PublisherMobigame S.A.R.L
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Max level, unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Zombie Tsunami is loved by players because of the endless running trò chơi accompanied by hilarious monsters. In a one-player mode, Mobigame knows how to lớn make a smart difference. You need control from one khổng lồ dozens of monsters sweeping the city. Download Zombie Tsunami to pay high attention to avoid reducing the number of soldiers by many pitfalls. Throughout each stage, the cấp độ automatically increases, scoring more points is a great advantage. Compatible on Android, iOS, & Windows Phone so the game has a large number of users.

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2 Zombie Tsunami & addictive game mode

The more powerful monsters you have, the more nguồn you have, breaking down almost any vehicle. But when controlling too many zombies also causes many losses in fast situations. Zombie Tsunami game with the same desire lớn turn all residents here becomes scary zombies. Develop troops to new heights, you need to lớn be careful in the move especially when the speed increases rapidly. Lớn survive forces you to complete the task. How long vì you think you can hold out?


Download Zombie Tsunami gian lận – Possess a super-powerful army of monsters

There are endless running games such as Subway Surf but it gives you a completely different feeling. Zombie Tsunami knows how lớn create excitement for players to lớn turn it into a desire. Maybe in the beginning you mastered the trò chơi very well, but that does not mean that it is still the same. The difficulty level increases gradually và you may not even know it. Endless running mode all have such things in common, whoever rushes will be honored. The whole đô thị is in turmoil, players need lớn grasp the situation to not be suppressed.

There is no break time, you need to focus constantly lớn play the best. Obstacles and organization are always a big deal. The number of troops should always be controlled at a cấp độ sufficient to lớn avoid cases beyond control.


Zombie Tsunami & addictive trò chơi mode

Players need lớn control monsters avoiding deep pits & obstacles by touching the screen. During the game, there are many supports that appear lớn help you overcome difficulties. In addition, collecting gold coins is also essential. Details about the modifiers in the game screen will be answered below.

Types of modifiers

GiantZ (Giant Zombie): With a giant body, using a laser. It can destroy everything from appearing horribly.Ninja: Special ability in jumping twice in a row with great damage. Combining the legendary Katana sword, the Player can bởi vì many things with them.Quarterback: Its only weakness is the deep hole. & everything else does not matter.Tsunami: This is the highest khung of skill (skill), so it becomes a symbol of the game. Press continuously to lớn raise the tsunami to địa chỉ cửa hàng more troops & bonuses.Dragon: Strength flying high khổng lồ avoid bad roads, but you need khổng lồ pay attention to lớn avoid bombs. Each 1 segment is equivalent khổng lồ 1 zombie when colliding will chiến bại each segment.Balloon: The only opposite of rồng is that the player clicks on the screen khổng lồ drown zombies.U.F.O: If your quái nhân is all dead, don’t worry. U.F.O works to revive to lớn continue the game.Mecha: Using a sharp saw, it cuts through simple things.RiderZ: Abyss is not too big a problem here. Upgrade lớn be immortal when zombies turn into RiderZ.

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Types of vehicles

There are many different means while playing. Depending on the strength of zombies, should players decide to lớn push or not? Pay attention to lớn the number on the vị trí cao nhất of each vehicle to lớn know it better. Specifically, pntechcons.com.vn will give you the statistics at the bottom.

Dustbin: Need at least 2 Zombies, you can get gold or showroom 1 member.Car: With 4 zombies you will overthrow the oto to showroom 1 thành viên to the group.Bus: Need 8 zombies to lớn destroy, collect 2 brains.Tank: 12 zombies, plus 3 brains are needed.Airplane: When there are 16 zombies, you can destroy khổng lồ get 4 brains.

The mission system is numerous

Will the over 300 different missions make you excited enough in the trò chơi Zombie Tsunami? Going through many big cities lượt thích New York, The Himalayas, Los Angeles, Rushmore, Mexico … you soon see many beautiful scenes by super-sharp graphics.

Hard work not only gives you more money but also strength. It is also lượt thích the challenge in the game that gives you at every level.

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Download Zombie Tsunami – Start the horrific stir

Players can also create new skills, connect with friends through social networks. You only need khổng lồ hold in hand a single quái nhân still strong rebound is not difficult. Tải về Zombie Tsunami thủ thuật everything that happens in the city many things to explore this.

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD apk (Menu, Unlimited money/Max level, unlocked) for Android