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Fans of the casual game genre would probably know a lot about My Talking Tom Cat, the famous smartphone games which attracted millions of downloads. If you’ve grown to lớn love this amazing little guy, then you would surely find his sassy và attractive girlfriend interesting.

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That being said, Outfit7 Limited has launched yet another great mobile game for their app android gaming fans. This time, gamers will have their chances to lớn get involved in a whole new experience with their dễ thương female cát in My Talking Angela. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


The first thing you’ll notice with My Talking Angela is the completely changed theme, which is shown on the ways the rooms are decorated as well as the ways your cats are dressed up. Get ready for a splendid show of girly-styled clothes and designs.

In addition, gamers can access the interesting interaction features which have made the series so popular. Talk with your cats và listen to her whispering back khổng lồ you. Tickle her with your touch, pet her, or even beat her up. There are plenty of different things that you can do.

And most importantly, My Talking Angela comes with many exciting features that’re first introduced khổng lồ the series. Hence, gamers will be in for a real treat. You can be assured that this isn’t just a female version of My Talking Tom Cat. It’s so much more than that.



Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Start the game from the very beginning

Not like other games where you’re introduced khổng lồ the character and join them in their adventures right away. With My Talking Angela, gamers will have their chances khổng lồ adopt your own baby kittens, name them khổng lồ how you want, raise them day by day & watch them grow up slowly. Develop an unbreakable bond with your feline.

Take care of your lovely mèo in every way possible

Having said that, gamers in My Talking Angela will have access to lớn plenty of different interactive options which you can use lớn boost her affection toward you. Take care of her daily needs like giving her delicious food, bath her, & dress her up beautiful clothes. Give her a lot of love so that your kitten can grow up to be a sweet và beautiful feline.


Have yourself a cute, sweet, và loyal friend

My Talking Angela is one of the few games that could provide gamers their uttermost desire, a true friend that you could talk to. That being said, along with the awesome interactions, gamers can also discover the exciting communication features which have made the game so popular. Talk khổng lồ your cats as if they were actual humans.

Enjoy yourself in a variety of exciting mini games

In addition, gamers in My Talking Angela are also introduced khổng lồ many exciting mini games that they could enjoy with their favorite feline. Have fun by playing all kinds of different games lượt thích puzzles, match three, flappy Angela, & so on. Complete the in-game challenges and collect xinh tươi items for your cat.

Dress up your Angela lớn how you wanted

And lớn make your cat look as beautiful as possible, gamers in My Talking Angela are given dozens of different customizations that they could try on their cats as well as decorations on different rooms. Style your Angela khổng lồ how you wanted with all kinds of different customizations. Choose between different outfits, hairstyles, makeups, và so on. Be her own fashionista & have your cats dressed up in luxurious clothes.

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Explore the refreshing dance studio

Along with the mini games, players are also introduced lớn the quality dance studio that offers exciting dancing game play for the first time in the series. Have your cute mèo all dressed up & let’s hit the nhảy floor. Choose between dozens of different songs for her & dance lớn your favorite jams. Be a ballet dancer, hip-hop dancer, or even a K-pop star on the stage.


Connect lớn your social networks and enjoy the game with friends

Gamers in My Talking Angela can also find themselves engaging with their friends và other online gamers. You can vì chưng this by having your social account connected to lớn the game. Hence, you can see all your friends who’re playing the trò chơi and kiểm tra on their cats. Visit your friend daily & have the cats befriended with each other. Plus, you can also meet up with other online gamers randomly using the matching feature.

Another benefit of having your social account linked lớn the game is that you’ll never thất bại your progress. That being said, all your saves will be upload online so that they can be load up whenever you connect your social trương mục to the game. Hence, your little friend will still be there even when you delete the game or switch khổng lồ a new phone.

Check out new exclusive videos about the group of friends

In additions, the trò chơi will be your only chance to lớn get access to the exclusive videos about the famous group of friend. Join Tom, Angela, & their interesting friends in their awesome adventures. Experience hilarious moments in My Talking Angela.

Play the trò chơi even when offline

Not to lớn mention that with My Talking Angela, players are also allowed to lớn play the trò chơi even when without an internet connection. Plus, the simple gameplay makes it a lot more accessible. Hence, it’s the best trò chơi to enjoy during your daily commutes or a quick break.

Free to lớn play

The game is currently free to play for all game android users, which is quite a surprise considering the amazing features it offers. Still, since it’s a freemium game, in-app purchases & ads are quite natural. But don’t worry since they won’t affect your in-game experience too much, unless you’re a shopaholic who only dresses in a cloth once.

Unlock unlimited access with our mods

For those who’re looking lớn get rid of the annoying ads & gain themselves unlimited access to the game, our mods are definitely what you should aim for. That being said, you can start by downloading our My Talking Angela thủ thuật APK file from our website. Follow our instruction to lớn have it installed on your devices. Then, you can start buying without thinking and playing without being bothered by ads. Feel không tính tiền to customize và take care of your xinh tươi feline.

Visual and sound quality


While the rooms in My Talking Angela are quite limited in space, the intuitive and beautiful 3 chiều designs give you all the different features that you want. In addition, the interactions are also quite realistic. It makes you feel lượt thích your Angela isn’t just a sản phẩm of virtual technology, but also a human-like character.


Find yourself relaxed with the amazing soundtracks in My Talking Angela. Plus, the accurate và on-theme audio effects also make the mini games a lot more addictive.

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Download My Talking Angela gian lận latest game android APK

Fans of My Talking Tom would definitely find this game interesting. With new features & a lot of discoverable contents, this isn’t just a female version of your favorite My Talking Tom lượt thích you’ve always thought.