The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game Free Download

a game by Oxford Digital
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3, GameBoy
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 Đánh Giá
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 30 votes
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 answers that pressing question of “what would it be like lớn be Spider-Man?” The answer, of course, is ‘kickass.’ Our favorite web-swinger from Queens is baông chồng in this edition of the spider story. Get ready to lớn blast around Thành Phố New York City in tight red và xanh spandex while beating up the criminally insane in this homage khổng lồ the web-head. Gear up & let’s swing into lớn it.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released in tandem with the Sony Film that was released around the same time. Although it looks pretty rushed in some areas, the game still holds up as a perfectly acceptable web-swinging adventure. The game can be split inkhổng lồ three main sections: Traversal, Combat và Peter Parker segments. The traversal comprises of running, jumping &, most importantly, swinging which is done through the left và right triggers that control the respective sầu arm. The website swinging is SO good, it feels fun và natural và incredibly freeing in a way that I’ve sầu never seen before in a đoạn phim game.


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The combat is pretty repetitive sầu but that doesn’t really mean bad, it bares a strong resemblance to Batman: Arksay mê Asylum or Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor with a series of button bashing with a timed dodge here và there. It’s fluid and feels nice khổng lồ get a high streak without getting hit.

Lastly, there are the Peter Parker segments. These are the bits where the game slows down and you are given a chance lớn vày some minor investigative sầu work as the mild-mannered youth. It’s offers an interesting change in pace which lets you catch your breath & really see the difference between the two alter-egos. Aside from all this, there are a lot of abilities that really help you feel lượt thích Spider-Man.


The story follows a simple theme of Spidey attempting to lớn find the criminal Dennis Carradine. Resuming his search, he tracks hyên ổn down but something stops him in his tracks. After this point, it’s kind of just a huge game filled with multiple bosses that Peter must stop. The story seems lớn take something of a backseat lớn the gameplay & the idea of jamming as many villains inkhổng lồ a game as possible, something that I couldn’t really complain about because I love Spider-Man và I found all the trùm fights really fun.


The graphics are great for their time & they vì chưng everything required in displaying all you need to see. kích hoạt is easy to lớn follow and whichever of Spidey’s suits that you have sầu equipped, they always look cool and stylish. Something I really liked, which ties in to the gameplay, is that the website swinging must now actually connect to a building above sầu you, as opposed khổng lồ the clouds.


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This means you often find yourself swinging low to lớn the ground, narrowly avoiding taxis và busses as you blast around lượt thích a radioactive sầu mad man. This all looks & feels incredible, something that really engages you.

This is a perfectly suitable game for anyone who loves Spider-Man lớn enjoy. Lots of combat & some super smooth, satisfying web-swinging.