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a game by Nintendo Platforms: Nintenvị Switch, Wii U Editor Rating: 9.3/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 Đánh Giá is shown User Rating: 6.2/10 - 39 votes Rate this game:

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New Start, Familiar Faces

In Breath of the Wild, Link first wakes up with amnesia và is unable khổng lồ rethành viên where he is. All he is told is that both Zeldomain authority và Hyrule are once again in danger due lớn Calamity Ganon. Link sets out lớn restore his memories và put a stop khổng lồ Ganon once again. This is not unlike previous Zeldomain authority games of the past. These games were completed in a linear way, asking players to lớn take complete parts of the story step-by-step. That is not how you’ll be tackling Ganon this time around. Instead players are treated lớn a massive open world that they can then choose to lớn tackle in any order they’d lượt thích, barring if they are equipped lớn vì so.


Link the Tomb Raider

That brings us khổng lồ the exploration element of BOTW. In my humble opinion, it’s the best part of the experience. The world the team over at Nintenbởi and Monolith Soft created an absolutely stunning world. You’ll cross plateaus, climb mountains, explore caves, & traverse dangerous rivers. Through each of these environments, you’ll find yourself stopping khổng lồ enjoy the beautiful vistas before scoping out your next area to lớn explore. I found myself often getting sidetracked because I saw an interesting area I just know a treasure might be hiding in. To explore Hyrule, you’ll eventually learn to lớn use your tools earned and found during your adventure. Tools such as the hang glider, which allows you lớn jump off high points and glide lớn previous unobtainable areas; or the shield that doubles as an extra line of defense, but also a snowboard when sliding down slopes. The traversal mechanics are an absolute blast lớn experiment with.

While your main goal is to lớn recover Link’s memories (although this is sort of optional) and defeat Calamity Ganon, there is much lớn bởi before then. To start, you must eventually defeat the four main dungeons called Divine Beasts. These are HUGE structures that have sầu quality & very challenging puzzles within them. You’ll alter their shape while eventually fighting an end boss that is equally challenging as the puzzles. As you explore, you’ll also encounter Shrines. These are mini-dungeons where you must solve physics-based puzzles with maybe a few enemies in between. They are both addicting và rewarding. Make sure lớn find và complete these to lớn increase your stamina and health meters. As you continue your journey, you’ll find charming và interesting characters along the way that offer side quests you can partake in. Most of these quests eventually turn out to be fetch quests, but can be used khổng lồ powerful equipment or items.

I’ll Miss You, Favorite Weapon

Let’s talk about combat. We’ll start with one of the biggest pain points for some. In BOTW, your weapons và shields can only take a certain amount of damage before breaking. This means your cool, new, high-powered weapon may only last you a short while if you’re using it all the time. This means you’ll need to pick & choose what weapon lớn use. Are you facing an easy enemy? Try pulling out a weapon you don’t care much for. Then you can save your more powerful gear for the enemies that are giving you trouble.

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Next, you’ll have access lớn a dodge and parry system. If you time it perfectly, you’ll slow down time & be able to rush in at the enemy with a flurry of attacks. This is the sure fire way to take down harder enemies. Lastly, you have sầu your Sheikah Slate. This combines your bản đồ, inventory, và special abilities called runes into one handy tool. Link can use his runes lớn manipulate the world around hyên. For example, he can stop an object in time so he can jump over it. Or if there is water in the way và Link can’t swyên in it for too long, he can freeze the water lớn create pillars of ice to lớn walk on. Combine these runes with your weapons to become the ultimate version of Link.

If you’re looking khổng lồ invest over 100+ hours exploring & completing side missions in a gorgeous world, then Zeldomain authority Breath of the Wild is right up your alley. It oozes charm and you can tell the developers didn’t overlook a single piece of detail. Don’t miss out on playing one of the best Nintenbởi games of all time, và maybe ever one of the best games period.


Beautiful landscapes that range from grassy lands lớn tall mountain tops The physic-based puzzles are chất lượng & challenging Exploring is rewardingCute characters that add lớn the main story line


Easy khổng lồ come across enemies that are too strong for youWeapon durability can be a chore to lớn maintain at first