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Từ điển Collocation

look noun

1 act of looking at/considering sth

ADJ. little | brief, cursory, quick | leisurely | careful, close Take a closer look at it. | furtive I had a furtive look in her bag when her back was turned. | overall We need lớn take an overall look at the situation. | nostalgic The book takes a nostalgic look at the golden age of the railway. | critical, hard, honest, radical, realistic, serious, uncompromising You should take a long, hard look at your reasons for wanting khổng lồ join the army. | humorous, light-hearted The book takes a humorous look at parenthood. | fresh I think it”s time to lớn take a fresh look at our sales techniques.

VERB + LOOK have, take | get Did you get a look at his new car? | sneak, steal

PREP. ~ at I managed to steal a look at the exam paper. | ~ in/into She couldn”t resist a quick look in the mirror. | ~ out of Have a look out of the window và see who”s at the door. | ~ through I had a brief look through the report before the meeting. | ~ towards The book concludes with a look towards the future.

PHRASES without a backward look She walked out of the door without a backward look.

2 exploring/looking for sth

ADJ. good | little, quick

VERB + LOOK have

PREP. ~ around/round We had a good look around the old town on glazed, unfocused, vacant | wild The man had a wild look in his eyes. | funny, odd, strange He gave me a funny look. | curious, meaningful, puzzled, quizzical, searching, speculative, thoughtful | knowing, shrewd | penetrating, piercing | earnest, intense, intent, steady | bold, challenging | smug, triumphant | mischievous, wicked | amused, wry | innocent | coy, shy | compassionate, loving | grateful | apologetic | appealing, despairing, desperate, frantic | hungry

VERB + LOOK have | cast (sb), dart (sb), give (sb), shoot (sb), throw (sb) | get I got a đen look from Amy. | exchange They exchanged meaningful looks.

PREP. ~ from A withering look from his wife silenced him.

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| ~ of He darted her a look of contempt.

PHRASES a … look in sb”s eyes/on sb”s face She had a puzzled look in her eyes. He opened the door with a scornful look on his face. | take that ( … ) look off your face Take that smug look off your face before I slap you!

4 sb/sth”s appearance

ADJ. overall the overall look of the house | professional Use high-quality paper to give your CV a more professional look. | youthful

VERB + LOOK have | like I didn”t lượt thích the look of the salad so I didn”t touch it.

PREP. by/from the ~ of sb/sth Joe isn”t getting much sleep from the look of him. By the looks of the first day of our holiday. | ~ for I had a look for websites on Egyptian music, but didn”t find, someone”s already staying in

3 expression on sb”s face

ADJ. angry, black, dark, dirty, exasperated, fierce, furious, harsh, irritated, murderous, reproachful, savage, scathing, scornful, severe, sharp, withering She threw him a dirty look. | cold, cool, dry, frosty, steely | disgusted | pained | baleful, forbidding | glum, grim, hangdog | suspicious, wary | cautious | sideways | guilty, sheepish, shifty The guilty look on his face told us all we needed khổng lồ know. | apprehensive, anxious, doubtful, worried They had worried looks on their faces. | sad | blank, dazed, distant, faraway, this room. | ~ about He still had a youthful look about him. | ~ of a fabric with the look of silk

5 looks: sb”s attractiveness

ADJ. good | striking | classic He had classic good looks. | boyish, clean-cut, youthful | craggy

VERB + LOOK have | thua kém She”s lost her looks.

6 fashion/style

ADJ. latest, new | casual | classic | sophisticated | individual

VERB + LOOK have | give sb/sth They”ve given the place a completely new look this year.

LOOK + VERB be/come back in (fashion), go out (of fashion) The classic look never goes out of fashion.

Từ điển WordNet


physical appearance

I don”t lượt thích the looks of this place


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perceive with attention; direct one”s gaze towards

She looked over the expanse of land

Look at your child!

Look–a deer in the backyard!

have a certain outward or facial expression

How does she look?

The child looks unhappy

She looked pale after the surgery

convey by one”s expression

She looked her devotion lớn me

accord in appearance with

You don”t look your age!

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

Used for listed equity securities. See: Picture.

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

looks|looked|lookingsyn.: appear explore gape gawk gaze glance hunt peek peer search see seem stare